Voting Results & Scrutinizer Report 2017

Notice of 28th Annual General Meeting

Notice of 27th Annual General Meeting




Book closure and agm notice

Notice of 29th AGM

Voting results and Scrutinizer’s Report 2018

Proceeding of 29th AGM

Newspaper Advertisment of AGM

Notice of 30th AGM

Intimation of AGM and Book Closure

KKPL – Admission Slip & Proxy

Voting Results & Scrutinizer’s Report 2019

Proceedings-Outcome-30th AGM

Newspaper Advertisement of 31st AGM

Intimation of AGM and Book Closure – 2019-20

Notice of 31st AGM

Voting Result & Scrutinizer’s Report 2020

Proceedings-Outcome-31st AGM


Admission Slip of AGM_2020-21

Intimation of AGM & Book Closure_2020-21

Newspaper Advertisment of AGM_2020-21

Notice of AGM_2020-21

Proceedings-Outcome-32nd AGM

Proxy Form of AGM_2020-21

Voting Results & Scrutinizer’s Report 2021

Form_MGT-7_2020-21_After AGM


Intimation of 33rd AGM & Book Closure

Newspaper Advertisment of AGM_2021-2022

Notice of 33rd AGM-2021-2022

KPL-MGT-7-31.03.2022-After AGM

KPL-MGT-7-31.03.2023 Before AGM

KPL Intimation of 34th AGM and Book Closure

KPL-Notice of 34th AGM

KPL-Newspaper Publication Post Dispatch-30.08.2023


KPL-Proceedings of 33rd Annual General Meeting

KPL-Proceedings of 34th Annual General Meeting

KPL-Voting Results+Scrutinizer’s Report-25.09.2023

AGM recording –

MGT-7-2022-2023(After AGM)